Since 2005 I have handled hundreds of criminal cases in central Texas, resulting in not guilty verdicts in federal and state courts, motions to suppress resulting in cases dismissed, contested sentencing hearings resulting in reduced sentences, and many more cases where charges were reduced or where plea agreements were reached resulting in reduced charges or sentences.

In criminal cases time can be of the essence. Favorable evidence may disappear. The opportunity to negotiate the best agreements may wane. There may be the need to approach the court regarding a ridiculous bond. Perhaps foremost state and government investigators may want to speak to you before you invoke your right to counsel fishing for information on your case or other cases that could put you in hot water or portray you in a negative light.

Sometimes in criminal cases evidence will be acquired unlawfully. Other times, the facts just don’t add up to support the crime. You need an experienced trial attorney to assist you in navigating your case to the best possible resolution.

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