Patents are among the strongest protections you can obtain. It gives you a monopoly over your invention in the marketplace, but at a price. At the end of its term it belongs to everyone. In many instances this is a great bargain. 20 years can be a long time to re-coop your investment costs and establish yourself as the market leader under a strong brand. After 20 years generics will be able to come into the market, but if you have worked hard consumers will know and respect your brand, trust its quality, and keep coming back.

As a USPTO Registered Patent Attorney I can assist you in obtaining real protection for your invention. The FTC reports many inventors lose thousands of dollars responding to slick advertising from invention promotion firms with promises of making their invention the next household must have item. Do your homework, and make sure you get sound, competent, and professional legal advice from a registered patent attorney. Unlike promoters, attorneys have strict rules of professional conduct and have taken sworn oaths to their state bar and to the USPTO to uphold them.

The proliferation of “form factories” is a growing problem. A document generation form is not an attorney (they are gracious enough to say so in the fine print), but what is the value of the document? Is it tailored for your specific needs? Does it offer you the protection you need? They can’t answer your questions because they are not licensed attorneys and it would violate the law for them to do so. Unlike a form factory I do not auto-generate documents without explanation or value.

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